Chahira Nouira

Chahira Nouira Germany Instructional Designer

Chahira Nouira is currently working at the University of Göttingen, Germany as an Instructional Designer. Almost 15 years ago, Chahira has started her career as an educational technologist for a few European NGOs and student initiatives while based in Tunisia before moving to Europe. Chahira had then worked for United Nations University (UNU) at the Institute for Environment and Human Security, Bonn. At her time with UNU, Chahira was in charge of conducting and facilitating e-Learning and capacity development workshops, trainings and seminars with teaching staff from universities based in Europe, Africa and South East Asia. Chahira contributed to a few European projects about Open Educational Resources for European Universities and Virtual Mobility. The focus of her work is the development and implementation of methods and tools that help teachers and students strengthen their digital competences and enhance collaborative teaching and learning. Since December 2016, Chahira has been a member of the Digital Learning and Teaching team at the University of Göttingen. She first worked for the “Internationalisation of the Curricula” project and helped with the successful implementation of more than 30 digital and collaborative teaching initiatives across participating faculties in cooperation with Universities from around the world. Since April 2020, Chahira has been in charge of Digital Teaching and Learning in the 2.2 million euros project ´liveSciences³ – Transnational and Digital Linked Life Sciences`.

Chahira's Presentation Topic

„Will you draw me a sheep?“ Understanding incentives, myths and visions about digital collaborative teaching and learning in higher education

When looking at collaboration in teaching and learning across higher education institutions, in particular in Europe, there is no doubt that the implementation of digital formats has played a key role both in strengthening existing partnerships or in the building new ones. What about co-teaching, though? Do digital formats live up to the expectations of making development of teaching methods, material and formats much more successful? How do we measure the success of collaborative teaching and learning scenarios in the current university landscape? What are some of the misconceptions about collaborative teaching and learning? Why do the different perspectives of everyone involved in such an endeavour count? This is an invitation to explore and understand different perspectives and essential milestones necessary to build and expand a favourable ecosystem and environment to support meaningful collaborative teaching and learning scenarios with digital formats.


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